Alexandra       Alla       Anna       Angela

Daria       Diana

Ekaterina       Elena       Elizaveta       Eugenia


Inna       Irina

Larisa       Liliya       Lyubov

Margarita       Maria       Marina

Nadezhda       Natalia       Nina

Oksana       Olesya       Olga

Sophia       Svetlana

Valentina       Valeria       Victoria

Yana       Yulia

Zhanna       Zoya

Zhanna - russian and ukrainian women's name

variation: Ganna, Janna, Jhanna, Zhanochka

The name Zhanna (Joan) comes from the French name of Joanna.
A woman named Zhanna often chooses a profession for men, for example, she can be an excellent mechanic. The clothes also have a "masculine taste" - a sports suit, jacket, jeans. In a woman's dress you will see Zhanna only on special occasions. She knows how to be irresistible, but rarely uses it. The temper of this girl is "groovy."
She is not seeking to get married so early. Before her marriage she usually has a time to finish her college and work. She prefers to get married a guy whom she knows for a longtime and knows well; usually this is a long friendship since high school. She is a leader in a marriage; her husband relies in everything on her energy and intuition. Her children receive a Spartan upbringing; they clearly know their responsibilities about the house.
Many girls with name Zhanna are smoking and like to have fun in the company, to drink something strong. Often they can get married twice. Her hard work allows her to earn a living well and she can successfully realize herself in a business.