Alexandra       Alla       Anna       Angela

Daria       Diana

Ekaterina       Elena       Elizaveta       Eugenia


Inna       Irina

Larisa       Liliya       Lyubov

Margarita       Maria       Marina

Nadezhda       Natalia       Nina

Oksana       Olesya       Olga

Sophia       Svetlana

Valentina       Valeria       Victoria

Yana       Yulia

Zhanna       Zoya

Svetlana - russian and ukrainian women's name

variation: Sveta, Svetochka, Svetlanka, Svetik, Svitlana

The name Svetlana is translated from the Slavonic as "light." Svetlana is coquettish, likes the male society, and finds it so difficult to find a common language with women. If Svetlana has some problems in her life, she is able to critically rethink her life and becomes more sociable and compliant.
Girls with name Svetlana can adapt well to a new life, are independent and hardworking, and everything that happens to them in life, is a work of their own hands. Soft and feminine girls with a patronymic Svetlana Andreevna, Ivanovna, Alekseevna.
Svetlana`s happiness always depends on her own. Svetlana has the ability to be flexible and diplomatic. Therefore, both her husband and mother in law are happy with her: She doesn’t try to change her husband’s habits, and the second still feels like the mistress, but in fact she is not any more.
Sveta is very attached to children and tries to give them a good education. With age, Svetlana is transformed into a good housekeeper, and kind and loving grandmother.