Alexandra       Alla       Anna       Angela

Daria       Diana

Ekaterina       Elena       Elizaveta       Eugenia


Inna       Irina

Larisa       Liliya       Lyubov

Margarita       Maria       Marina

Nadezhda       Natalia       Nina

Oksana       Olesya       Olga

Sophia       Svetlana

Valentina       Valeria       Victoria

Yana       Yulia

Zhanna       Zoya

Natalia - russian and ukrainian women's name

variation: Natashenka, Natshechka, Nataly, Natasha

A girl named Nataliya gets married early and when choosing a future spouse does not undergo large fluctuations.
Her family life is warmed by her love of life. And the mother in law and her husband, and children and will feel loved and needed by her. Guests love to visit her house. Nataliya likes to travel.
Another one of her passion is painting. Nataliya knows her worth and, like all lovers of people, badly needs the praise from them. On the contrary, even the most trifling remark literally kills her.
She remembers the resentment and vindictive life. To marry this woman was happy, we must not forget her proud character and make her to wean herself comments on the details. She has so few weaknesses and they are so minor that her husband simply does not pay attention to them.