Alexandra       Alla       Anna       Angela

Daria       Diana

Ekaterina       Elena       Elizaveta       Eugenia


Inna       Irina

Larisa       Liliya       Lyubov

Margarita       Maria       Marina

Nadezhda       Natalia       Nina

Oksana       Olesya       Olga

Sophia       Svetlana

Valentina       Valeria       Victoria

Yana       Yulia

Zhanna       Zoya

Larisa (Larissa)- russian and ukrainian women's name

variation: Lara, Larochka, Lora, Lorri

The name Larissa comes from Latin meaning "Larus", translated as “seagull.”
Larisa does not dictate her ideas and experiences to others, although many take to heart and are easily vulnerable. Her humble nature might do her a disservice: Larissa sometimes becomes a mistress of married men who have questionable relationships with young people, and then cannot find the courage to break those ties.
Externally, Larisa is closed and does not like to be frank. Often devoted herself entirely to work and can devote her life to business. Women with the same name are creatively gifted, are succeeding in linguistics, philology, and programming.
In intimate relationships Larissa is delicate, subtle, and sensitive. She is obedient and will not argue with her husband or mother in law. To keep the family peace, she may sacrifice her self-esteem. Lora has a lot of patience, not trying to rehabilitate her husband, takes down his flaws and not always fair attitude. In marriage, she is faithful and treats treachery with disdain. An unfaithful husband might be an event that will bring down the strong family of Larissa.