Alexandra       Alla       Anna       Angela

Daria       Diana

Ekaterina       Elena       Elizaveta       Eugenia


Inna       Irina

Larisa       Liliya       Lyubov

Margarita       Maria       Marina

Nadezhda       Natalia       Nina

Oksana       Olesya       Olga

Sophia       Svetlana

Valentina       Valeria       Victoria

Yana       Yulia

Zhanna       Zoya

Irina- russian and ukrainian women's name

variation: Ira, Irinka, Irishka, Irochka Irisha

Irina in ancient Greek means "the world", "peace."
She has a sober approach to the assessment of the world. She likes to read detective stories, science fiction, and attending sporting events. She's not sentimental, however is a little stiff. Irina seen weeping over the suffering of Heroes "soap opera" is a rarity. She is sociable and easy to communicate with strangers.
She is direct and cutting in her judgments and statements. Jealous by nature, Irina is also amorous. However, they always retain their independence. Women with that name almost never dissolve into a loved one, family, does not subordinate their lives just a home.
The acquisition of a profession, then professional development is important and necessary moment. And she is usually a valuable employee.